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OhioHealth takes caring for your student athlete to heart

Pre-participation Heart Screenings

Student Athlete Heart ScreeningsOhioHealth offers pre-participation heart screenings for student athletes ages 14 and older to screen for underlying heart conditions that could put them at risk while competing or practicing.

An estimated one in 200,000 athletes experience sudden cardiac death each year. Pre-participation heart screenings can reduce that number by identifying a condition before it becomes a problem.

Pre-participation heart screenings involve two non-invasive heart tests:

    • An electrocardiogram (EKG)
    • A focused echocardiogram (a painless ultrasound of the heart)

OhioHealth Heart & Vascular Physicians, specializing in sports cardiology, evaluates and interprets the results and then sends a written report to the student’s parents and pediatrician within two business days.

Call (614) 533.3471 to schedule a heart screening appointment for your student athlete.

Screenings are offered at:

OhioHealth Westerville Medical Campus
260 Polaris Parkway, 2nd floor